1. Intro


    简介, 数据格式, REST HTTP API, 系统和设备, 附录

  2. Core Concepts

  3. TagModel

    Tagging meta-model

    元模型, 实体, 标签, Id, 展示名, 例子

  4. Structure

    Core entities and structure

    概述, 容器, 站点, 设备, , 天气

  5. TimeZones

    Respresentation of timezones

    概述, 概念, 地区信息, 常见时区

  6. Units

    Respresentation of units of measurement

    概述, 单位系统, 数据库, 常用单位

  7. Data Formats

  8. Grids

    Two-dimensional tabular representations of entities

    概述, 结构, 范例

  9. Filters

    Predicates for querying entity databases

    概述, 用法, 语法

  10. Zinc

    Zinc plain text format

    概述, 字面量, 语法, 语法, 注意事项

  11. Json

    JavaScript object notation format

    概述, 类型映射, 网格格式

  12. Trio

    Tag record I/O format

    概述, 格式

  13. Csv

    Comma separated value format

    概述, 网格格式

  14. REST API

  15. Rest

    Rest API

    概述, 认证, URI命名空间, 请求, 响应, 错误处理, Grid 错误[#errorGrid], 内容协商, Watches

  16. Ops

    Rest API operations

    概述, 关于, 操作, 格式, , 导航, WatchSub, WatchUnsub, WatchPoll, PointWrite, HisRead, HisWrite, Invoke Action

  17. Auth


    概述, HTTP 验证

  18. Systems and Equipment

  19. VFDs

    Variable Frequency Drives

    概述, , Fans,

  20. Networks

    Devices, networks, and protocol connections

    概述, 设备, 网络, 连接

  21. Energy

    Electricity and flow metering

    概述, 仪表, 仪表负载, 电表, 流量表, 温度表, 示例模型

  22. Zones

    Zones points

    概述, 区域点

  23. AHUs

    Air Handler Units and Rooftop Units

    概述, 标签, Sections,

  24. VAVs

    Variable Air Volume Units

    概述, 标签, Sections,

  25. UnitaryEquips

    Unitary heating/cooling equipment

    概述, Fan Coil Units, Units Ventilators, 加热泵

  26. Chillers

    Chillers and Chilled Water Plants

    概述, 冷冻站, 冷水机组, 冷却塔, 热交换器

  27. Boilers

    Boilers and Hot Water/Steam Plants

    概述, 热水厂, 蒸汽厂, 锅炉, 热交换器

  28. Tanks

    Storage vessels

    概述, 标签,

  29. ElecPanels

    Electric panels and circuits

    概述, 电表盘, 电路

  30. Lighting

    Lighting Systems

    灯光组 (设备), 照明点

  31. Developer Notes

  32. Builds

    Rebuilding docs from source

    编译, 步骤, 组织, 设计, 文件格式, 标签格式

  33. Bacnet

    Integration with BACnet


  34. Appendix

  35. ChangeLog

    Version history

  36. License

    Academic Free License 3.0